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SC15-003: Peridynamics Theory of Solid Mechanics: Modeling, Computation, and Applications

Dr. John Foster, University of Texas at Austin

Dr. David Littlewood, Sandia National Laboratory

Dr. Pablo Seleson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Peridynamics is a nonlocal reformulation of classical continuum mechanics, based on integral equations, suitable for material failure and damage simulation. In contrast to classical constitutive relations, peridynamic models do not require spatial differentiability assumptions of displacement fields, leading to a natural representation of material discontinuities such as cracks. Furthermore, peridynamic models possess length scales, making them suitable for multiscale modeling. This course will provide an overview of peridynamics, including its mathematical, computational, and modeling aspects. The course will also review advanced research topics and software in peridynamics, and it will include a hands-on tutorial on 3D simulation of solid mechanics problems.