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The Summation-by-Parts Framework: Analysis and Design of Modern Numerical Methods

David C. Del Rey Fernández, NASA LaRC NIA HiPAC

Matteo ParsaniKAUST

Andrew Winters, University of Cologne

Jesse ChanRice University

The aim of this minisymposium is to bring together a diverse set of researchers who are advancing the state of the art in methods having the summation-by-parts (SBP) property. Over the last decade, the SBP framework has emerged as a means of synthesizing a large class of numerical methods (continuous and discontinuous Galerkin, flux reconstruction, and finite difference) while at the same time providing a set of matrix analysis tools for designing methods with provable properties, such as linear and nonlinear stability (entropy stability) and discrete conservation.

We invite contributions addressing fundamental and or applied aspects of SBP methods. We anticipate contributions in the following key areas:

• Entropy stable algorithms
• Linearly stable algorithms
• h/p-adaptation
• Methods for moving mesh problems
• Development of SBP differentiation matrices
• SBP in time
• Efficient SBP methods for HPC
• SBP for computational fluid dynamics
• SBP for seismic wave modeling