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Mathematical Models and Computations in Structural Mechanics in Conjunction with Classical and Non-Classical Continuum Mechanics

Karan Surana, University of Kansas

Albert Romkes, South Dakota School of Mines

J.N. Reddy, Texas A&M University

Aaron Joy, University of Maine

Michael Powell, Texas A&M University

This symposium considers the development of mathematical models in structural mechanics using conventional approaches based on energy functional or principle of virtual work, as well as the mathematical models that are derived strictly based on conservation and balance laws of classical and the non-classical continuum mechanics. Computational methods for obtaining solutions of the associated boundary value problems (BVPs) and initial value problems (IVPs) are an integral part of the works considered here. In specific,  beam, plate, and shell theories based on classical and non-classical continuum mechanics,  energy methods, or principle of virtual work are considered for the case of isotropic, homogeneous matter as well as  composite materials. The computational methods for the associated BVPs and IVPs are also considered in this symposium. Works related to thermoelastic and thermoviscoelastic material behavior, with and without memory, in conjunction with small deformation, small strain, as well as finite deformation are welcome.