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Leveraging Extended CAE Technology for the Implementation of IoT, AI and 5G

Tohru Hirano, Daikin Infotmation Systems Co., Ltd.

We have defined Extended CAE Technology so as to include not only the Synthesis and Optimization but also the IoT and AI Technology. We would like to gather further applications for the implementation of IoT, AI and also 5G Technology into the completely new Products and Ecosystems which are inter-connected each other for comprising Cyber Physical Systems.
IoT, AI and 5G are basically software and communication Technologies, however, the User Equipments and the Platform Systems enploying those Technologies will require highlly sofisticated Structures and sometimes very new Materials for adapting high frequecy applications.  
 This mini-symposium covers those widespread implementation cases, which will integrate Information Science and Computational Science  with the help of  material, device and system models.