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Non-standard Formulations and Discretizations for Thin-walled Structures

Manfred Bischoff, University of Stuttgart

Bastian Oesterle, University of Stuttgart

Ekkehard Ramm, University of Stuttgart

Fehmi Cirak, University of Cambridge

In recent years, an increased activity in formulations and discretization methods for plate and shell structures can be observed. The topic has received a major boost due to the popularity of the isogeometric concept along with finite element methods using NURBS and other spline shape functions, such as subdivision or T-splines. Here, one of the decisive features is a relatively easy control of continuity of shape functions, facilitating discretization of problems for which the weak form has a variational index of 2 or larger. This applies, for instance, to the classical Kirchhoff-Love thin shell model, which currently experiences a renaissance.
The proposed mini-symposium invites all contributions from the field of non-standard formulations and discretization methods for thin-walled structures, both from method development and application.  Typical topics are expected to be, but not restricted to: spline-based discretizations, formulations based on non-local (patch-based) or smoothed finite elements, meshless methods, finite cell methods, isogeometric analysis and integration of CAD and CAE, rotation-free formulations for beams, plates and shells, non-linear analyses, treatment of boundary conditions or trimmed surfaces as well as multi-layer and solid shell elements.