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Maturation and Remodeling in Native and Engineered Soft Collagenous Tissues

Michael SacksUT-Austin

Manuel Rausch, UT-Austin

Reza Avaz, UT-Austin

An improved means of understanding tissue formation and remodeling in native and engineered collagenous tissues is necessary to further the field and ultimately develop functionally-equivalent tissues.  Unique to biological systems, living matter can continuously grow and remodel due to genetic, environmental, and mechanical stimuli. Moreover, the biomechanical and biochemical mechanisms that drive growth and remodeling (G&R) take place at different time scales at cellular, tissue, and organ levels. The identification and simulation of such mechanisms remain elusive and requires multi-scale, integrated computational-experimental approaches. Such approaches are essential for the development of accurate simulations of G&R processes, which will be helpful in facilitating diagnosis of disease and its progression, as well as in optimizing the efficiency of clinical interventions. This symposium is intended to present the state-of-the-art theoretical and computational works on the biomechanics of growth and remodeling and to explore potential applications.