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Computational Modeling of Cardiac Valve Function and Intervention

Michael Sacks, UT Austin

Wei Sun, Georgia Tech

Prasad Dasi, Ohio State University

Manuel RauschUT-Austin

We propose to host a minisymposium on computational modeling of cardiac valve function in heath and disease. Heart valve disease is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality, so that understanding heart valve function is essential in the development of new treatment strategies and medical devices. In this regard, computational biomechanical tools have been increasingly utilized in the modeling and analysis of native valve function, disease treatment and surgical planning, as well as and device design. In the recent years the remarkable advancements in computational modeling in the areas of multi-scale modeling, inverse methods, fluid-structural interaction (FSI), patient-specific modeling, etc.  Our goal for this mini-symposium is to bring together a group of academic researchers and industrial engineers to share their latest research results and experiences in computational modeling of cardiac valve function and intervention