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Towards Optimization and Real-Time Simulation of Multiscale Material Behavior: Methods and Applications

Karen Veroy-Grepl, AICES

Karen Willcox, UT-Austin, ICES

The desire for increasingly better material designs and production processes has resulted in a heightened reliance on simulations of multiscale material behavior.  However, the challenging nature of multiscale simulations places high demands on numerical methods, particularly with regard to computational efficiency.  

This minisymposium provides a forum for discussing (1) recent developments in computational methods that aim for the rapid solution of multiscale problems in mechanics and materials, and (2) complex problems which require highly efficient techniques for simulating multiscale behavior.  The goal of this minisymposium is thus to bring together researchers with a variety of backgrounds to exchange ideas and initiate new lines of research aiming towards achieving optimization and real-time simulation of multiscale material behavior.

In this context, topics of interest include:


  • advances in computational methods for simulation of multiscale behavior, particularly those that aim to achieve greater computational efficiency
  • advances in methods for model order reduction (e.g., PGD, POD, RB, hyper-reduction, NTFA-based techniques, etc.)
  • dimension reduction for complex problems, such as nonlinear or stochastic problems
  • learning predictive models from data

Applications (especially those involving multiscale systems)

  • design, optimization, and control
  • parameter estimation
  • uncertainty quantification
  • inverse problems
  • data assimilation
  • optimal experimental design