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Innovative Higher Order Discretization Methods in Computational Science and Engineering, in honor of Prof. Mary Wheeler

Tan Bui-thanh, University of Texas at Austin

Leszek Demkowicz, University of Texas at Austin

The emerging new computer architectures call for a continuous modification of existing discretization schemes and the invention of new ones. The words: ``higher order'', ''robust'' (i.e. uniformly stable with respect a perturbation parameter), and ``non-linear'' rarely appear together in the title of any new paper. Constructing such methods remains one of the perpetual challenges of computational mathematics and mechanics. The organizers invite all contributions focusing on:

   1/ Construction of (provable) stable discretization schemes for linear and non-linear problems, especially singular perturbation problems.

   2/ Minimum residual (including least squares) methods, especially those going outside of Hilbert space structure.

   3/ Implementation aspects of higher order schemes: integration, use of stochastic linear algebra solvers.

   4/ Adaptivity - energy and goal a-posteriori error estimation, sensitivity analysis.

   5/ Linear and nonlinear solvers including two-grid and multigrid methods.

   6/ MPI/openMP parallelization of high order methods, use of GPUs.

   7/ Applications of high-order discretizations for complex and multiphysics systems.