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Computational Poro- and Geo-mechanics (In Honor of Professor Mary F. Wheeler)

Guglielmo Scovazzi, Duke University

Thomas Wick, Liebniz Universitaet Hannover

Andro Mikelic, Universite de Lyon

This minisyposium is honoring the career of Prof. Mary F. Wheeler (U.T. Austin), and her significant contributions to the simulation and numerical analysis of subsurface flow and subsurface mechanics. Geomechanics and, more generally, subsurface mechanics are now very large fields, spanning a large number of applications from relatively small scales to very large scales, in both space and time. Areas of interest in this mini-symposium include, but are not limited to, the simulation of: faulting mechanisms, fault mechanics under pressurizing loads, hydraulic fracturing, coupling of mechanics and flow through porous media, large nonlinear deformation of the subsurface, tectonics at the basin scale, salt diapirism.